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At cigarette sale, we specialise in providing UK based vaping stores with high-quality ecigarette kits, eliquids and other vaping accessories.

We stock popular models such as the Aspire Nautilus, as well as sub-ohm models and box mods. We mix and produce our own eliquids in blueberry, coca-cola and menthol flavours and we also stock eliquid from Mount Baker and Blaq.

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What is the working function of electronic cigarette?

You might have heard a lot about electronic cigarette on the market. They have been one among the most successful type of supplement that you can find on the market when it comes to quitting of smoking habit. Though there are plenty of options available in the market to stop smoking for good, only ecigarette has been able to get higher percentage of success on the market. Since the inception, there are many favors of eliquid found on the market to offer different type of smoking experience to the users

Let us learn about the working functionality of electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette would comprise of a cartridge that would hold eliquid. This cartridge would be inserted in the cartridge filter of an electronic cigarette before the user has to start smoking. The cartridge filter is nothing but a polyester that would be soaked inside juice or eliquid. The cartridge would then be made to contact the bridge of atomizer. Making use of the capillary action and gravity, the juice present in the cartridge would be absorbed through atomizer bridge and sits on the reservoirs made of steel mesh, of the atomizer. This would be user input point of the electronic cigarette.

When any user tries to inhale using the electronic cigarette, this suction would try to pull the liquid that is sitting on the reservoir of atomizer into the atomizer ceramic pot. Later the aromatic polyimide wick would absorb the liquid that is present on the ceramic pot of atomizer. At this exact timings, the coil present in the device would start to heat just around the wick and hence the heating would convert the eliquid into a vapor and thus exhaling smoke just like from a regular cigarette. This vapor would be drawn up from the electronic cigarette and would be let out from the mouthpiece.

Suction is the key to produce smoke

Some electronic cigarettes would comprise of manual switch and by pressing it would start the atomizer to vaporize the liquid that would be already present on the ceramic pot. Unless the user would start to suck using the mouthpiece of the device, there would be no more supply of liquid towards the atomizer and hence there would be no smoke unless user wants to.

This way wastage of eliquid that is present within close vicinity of atomizer and coil would not get vaporized on its own. When the use would start the suction using the mouth piece, the liquid would then start to enter the wick which would then be produced to the coil in order to covert from liquid state to vapor state and provide the user with a real time experience of smoking a cigarette while it would not be the case. Hence the electronic cigarette has been able to help a lots of people on the market to avoid smoking a real cigarette while they can use the electronic cigarette as a very powerful replacement that can not only offer the feeling of a real cigarette, but can also help in reducing the addiction as well.